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    Track-It workflow.

      Would one of the pro's help me figure this out?


      I haven't seen any documentation on this nor have I ever got to figure it out properly.




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          Alejandro Araujo

          Hello Adam: I seem to be missing something here. What exactly is it that you need to understand that is not documented. What do you mean by "Track-It workflow"? I can think of several workflows in Track-It...

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            Hi Alejandro,


            I haven't been clear enough.


            My concerns are for workflows relating with modules working together.


            For eg.change management>helpdesk>inventory> software license management


            Case in point, rfc by a user for new PC.


            I have the basic Idea, but I'm sure it can be improved..

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              Alejandro Araujo



              I think it would be very helpful if you can give a very specific example of what you would like to achieve.


              There are certain elements that are already incorporated within  Work Order. For example, if you have already defined Change Management processes, they will appear within the work orders whose conditions meet those of the CM rule.

              Likewise, if you assign aan audited asset to a requestor, this audit's information appears within the work order.

              Other processes you can manage by assigning tasks. 

              There are a variety of options and resources available, but which ones you use, and how, depends on what exactly you need to know.


              Please keep in mind that a basic engagement of professional services to teach the basics of how all the modules work and interact typically takes at least three 8-hour days. So while it is possible to offer tips on how to achieve very specific goals, it is not feasible to answer in one thread how all the modules can interact.