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    Provisioning Linux using NFS

    Soundappan Shanmugam

      We created a NFS share and using that we are trying to provision the machine,


      PXE Datastore is created based on the NFS share present on the Windows 2008 R2

      placed the bmilinux.tar  on the datastore (NFS Share )location aswel

      added the device aswell on the Application server


      Unattended Installation File Path à when we execute the provision job , bladelogic create a file which contains the Linux unattended installation configuration parameters. Bladelogic name it as the MAC_ADDRESS of the target server. If the server mac address is 00-50-56-AD-46-7F then it create the unattended installation configuration file with same name 00-50-56-AD-46-7F. It created on the same directory which we have shared over IIS.so we have to give the value


      boot: Linux text IP:Static IP=x.x.x.x NETMASK= GATEWAY= ks=


      it gives the error  as unable to download kickstart file ,


      When saw the kick start file it in default shows http rather than nfs..


      Is it a limitation in BL not to use NFS??