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    Seriously in at the deep end!

    aughsydney NameToUpdate

      OK, here is the situtation.

      I'm the scripting guy in our place...you know the one who you ask to write a vbscript/powershell script do make changes to a few hundred servers in your environment.


      Up till now its been cool I just run my script againsts the servers from a central Windows server....all OK.


      Now someone has come along with this baldelogic thing. (No idea what it is...I'm the scripting guy)

      Apparently it will simplify everything...make it much easier simpler.


      OK in the past I've used something called LANDesk...which I think does the same job.


      Can someone tell me how to run a vbscript or a powershell script or heck even a simple .bat or .cmd file using this balde logic?


      Many thanks

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          Bill Robinson

          create your script.  copy it to the appserver.

          create a nsh script that copies the 1st script to your target.  in this script you call nexec to run the 1st script like "nexec $NSH_RUNCMD_HOST cmd /c "cscript /nologo c:\script.vbs"



          or you can write the script in nsh and not have to use ps or vbs... what specifically are you trying to ?

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            aughsydney NameToUpdate

            Thanks Bill,


            In this case my change is very simple.

            I have to change a registry setting on a few hundred Windows servers.


            I have written this in the past using vb (WMI)....but now that I have BL I do not need to script the scope(what to push to) or authentication (admin access to the remote servers).


            My script can now be very simple...simply apply a .reg file to the servers....a cmd file with the line "regedit /s regfile.reg" will apply the registry change for me.


            I guess I need to copy the reg file to the appserver?



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              Bill Robinson

              You should try creating a blpackage of the registry object directly and push that.  the benefit is you can easily do a rollback.  Live browse to the reg key on one of your servers, right click and say ‘add to depot as blpackage’.  Then edit the value in the package to be what you need, then deploy that package.

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                aughsydney NameToUpdate



                This is one powerful piece of work!

                80 lines of vb code reduced to 5 clicks of a mouse!

                Cheers fella, fantastic help....I need to get on the course.

                Need to start working out how one can run .exe or .msi but you've started me off.

                Thanks again.

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                  Bill Robinson

                  for the msi, exes you can add them in the depot - right click on a depot folder, new software, msi or whatever the exe format is - install shield or custom.  then you just need to use the silent install args for the software.

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                    Shirish Katariya

                    Hey Bill,

                                     Same problem i am facing here for installation of .msi on windows servers, so as you suggested above that one can use the "Silent Install Arguments" for the software. So can you please tell me what kind of these silent args is??? Reply soon....its  urgent....



                    Shirish Jain.

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                      Bill Robinson

                      msiexec has some generic silent install option - run a msiexec /? to list them.  the software being installed may have other silent install options that need to be passed to enable features, etc.


                      typically something like:


                      msiexec /i /qn YOUR.msi REBOOT=ReallySuppress


                      will do it.