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    KPI Expression error (ARERR 44873)

    Alexandros Minas

      Dear gurus,


      I receive the following error when I am trying to save a service target:

      "Exression parse operation failed: syntax error Please correct the KPI Exression. (ARERR 44873)"


      The service target has been configured as follows:

      Applies To: SLM Service Impact Data Source

      Goal Type: SIM

      Key Performance Indicators: ((-> CP - Impact Manager:ID19:pncell_bmcpn:eBanking Service\BMC_BUSINESSSERVICE -- ) == ^OK^)


      We use SLM 7.6.04 with SP1.


      Can you please provide some help?




        • 1. KPI Expression error (ARERR 44873)

          Hello Alex,


          Can't say that I'm a guru however there is a syntax issue in the expression. There should be two colons separating the Collection Node name (i.e. CP - Impact Manager) and the impact cell name (i.e. ID19:pncell_bmcpn). I would also suggest using a Single KPI rather than a Boolean Expression when you create a definition that uses a single KPI and then set your Goal to something like Alarm* > Alarm. I'm not sure I understand what you were attempting to accomplish setting the Boolean Expression == OK but that doesn't really matter. The Boolean Expression is normally used when you are selecting more than one KPI... or rather CI, in this case.


          So in the end your Key Performance Indicators should be: -> CP - Impact Manager::ID19:pncell_bmcpn:eBanking Service\BMC_BUSINESSSERVICE --


          ...and the Goal should be set to: Alarm* > Alarm. You can also set up a Warning too if needed to something like: Warning > OK


          Hope that helps,


          • 2. KPI Expression error (ARERR 44873)

            Hi Gary,


            I'm facing a similar problem defining the KPIs for the first time.


            I am getting a warning and an error when defining the KPIs. I get the error when I select the SIM Collection Node, insert the CI name and then I click on "Search".


            The Warning message is:

            The ID of the field is not available in this module:

            ServiceModelSet (ARWARN 311)


            The Error message is:

            Database operation SQL failed. :

            Column name 'C301174200' is not valid. (SQL Server 207) (ARERR 552)


            Any idea on how to solve this problems? Have you ever seen them while defining the KPIs?


            Thanks in advance for your help.


            Kind Regards,



            • 3. KPI Expression error (ARERR 44873)

              Hi Simius

              did you find a solution

              I'm getting the same error with SLM-SIM integration



              • 4. KPI Expression error (ARERR 44873)

                Hi Nicola,


                like for the other discussion, please verify if in the dataset the CI's have the correct cell name: if not, I would suggest to specify the cell name in the CI's by SME (if SIM) or IMD (if BPPM) and publish the CI's again.


                Unfortunately I could not try this possible solution, so the best suggestion is to open an issue to the BMC support.


                Kind Regards,



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                  Unfortunately I already set the cell name in th CI