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    ARERR 9850 Error-Floating License Issue

    Ashwanth Padmanabhan

      For Floating License Time Outs:


      Midtier Config Page:

      License Release Timeout:

      If a User Logs out from the system, then depends upon this parameter the Floating(including all the Application which he has consumed) License will be released.


      Session Timeout:

      If the Users session times out based on the Session Time out parameter and after that license will be released based on the License Timeout parameter.


      as per this there is one Change Floating License available and one User had that token has logged out from the Midtier, but still under License Review that User is holding Floating License for that Application.... and when other User logs in he/she not able to acquire that Floating License Token getting ARERR 9850 Error.


      Basically when the User Logs out that user name should not be coming under the Current Users category in the License Review right? but this User name is still showing up.....and once after the logout Floating License is not released back to the license pool in order to be allocated to other one who is logging in


      AR 7604 SP2

      ITSM 7604 SP2