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    Enhancement Request - Delete Emails

    Brad McClave

      With our current procedures, we monitor both Track-it and our email to ensure that if Track-it doesn't create a work order (typically because of exclusion rules) we can make sure we can manually create it if need be.  Track-it marks all emails as read but what we would like to see is Track-it to delete emails it creates work orders for and leave emails it does not create work orders for.

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          Cris Coffey

          I just saw this one posted here. Would you mind posting this in the Ideas module now that it is available on this site? It is here.

          • 2. Enhancement Request - Delete Emails

            This has been submitted as an enhancement request in the ideas section, in the mean time, for anyone searching through here looking for a temporary solution, here are a couple of ideas that may work in some Exchange environments to simplify the removal of those old emails.


            1.  Exchange Server Export-Mailbox PowerShell Cmdlet:  Schedule/Script this CmdLet to remove emails older than...


            Export-Mailbox -Identity “MailboxNameGoesHere″ -IncludeFolders "\Inbox", “\Sent Items”, “\Deleted Items” -StartDate “1/1/2012″ -EndDate “1/1/2022″ –DeleteContent


            2.  Exchange Retention Policy:  Use Exchange "Retention Policies" to set a policy on the specified mailbox/mailboxes that removes emails that are older than "x" days.  This may be something only available in relatively newer versions of Exchange.