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    BMC Atrium Explorer - Find not returning any results

      Good day all,


      I've got an issue where when I open the explorer and try to "Find" CI's, it doesn't return any results. I've checked a dosen of logs (not sure why this is not centralized), and the only isse I could find was in the arrecond.log (although this is not a recon issue):

      [2012/07/05 12:28:15.9289] [ ERROR ] [TID: 0000000001]  : Exception in getServerGroupState (ARERR[8760] Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plug-In server

      [2012/07/05 12:28:15.9289] [ ERROR ] [TID: 0000000001]  :           servername (30006) ARSYS.ARDBC.CONFIGFILE : RPC: Miscellaneous tli error - event requires attentionThe file access permissions do not allow the specified action.)


      Other plugins work, so the plugin server is OK. I can't find a plugin alias in ar.conf for this file, although in the test environment i couldn't either but it is working there. Both are new installations, following the same installation procedures etc.


      Anyone got any idea?