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    Approval Process For Clients

      Suppose there are 2 client users Client1 and Client2 with "ServiceDesk Client" profile and "Customer Portal Manager Custom" License.


      When Client1 raises an Incident of some specific category from SelfService, it must go to the Client2 for approval. Client2 should be able to approve or reject it. Only if Client2 approves it,the record should be further processed.


      1.But at the first place, I am not able to set a Client as a manager for another Client. In the lookup for manager, only Staff and SysAdminprofile users are showing up.

      Is there any way that we can set Client as Manager?


      2. As that is not getting done, I tried with creating a custom "Manager_custom" Lookup field on User object where i am able to get the clients as well in the look-up window. I am also able to create an approval process so that the user associated with the new "Manager-custom" field would be the approver for the incident record submitted by his subordinate.

      When a new incident is created, it is being submitted for approval and the approver is receiving a mail to approve or reject. i am trying to approve by mail( as he is a client user who doesn't have a Salesforce (or) RemedyForce login except the SelfService login) with first line as "Approve". But I am receiving the following email back from Salesforce.

      "Your workflow approval message was not processed. You are not authorized to update the referenced object. Please do not reply to this message. Contact your system administrator if you feel you received this message in error".


      Is there a way that I can have this approval process? Any work-arounds?


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Virginia Leandro

          Currently today, approvers have to have a Salesforce or a Salesforce Platform license.  Customer Portal licenses do not have access to approve.  That said, we're currently working on possibly changing our licensing offerings to help these particular situations.


          Virginia Leandro

          BMC Software

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              Thanks Virginia.


              The situation of where a client is a manager for another client is very usual and approval processes for them are generally expected.


              Are there any automated workarounds temporarily available?