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    License Usage Metering

    Bruno Domingues

      Hi all,


      I'm wondering if there's a way to know the number of licenses to have...


      I'm telling this because normally I'm talking of 20-30 technicians... but in some cases I will probably need almost 100!!!!


      How can I check the real number of licenses... is there a "License Usage Metering" that I could use?


      Thanks in advance.

      Bruno Domingues

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          You can generate License Usage Report from the [Add or Remove Licenses] link.


          Giving a date range, this function will create a file that would give you the total licenses used vs. configurated.


          Also there are two more files under the remedy application server box, under the ARSystem installation folder, under db. These files will help you understand what the usages are and the changes made on licenses.


          BMC license audit will request these files.


          Nevermind if you have anwers already.


          Jason Niu

          Softential Inc.


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            Cris Coffey

            Hello Bruno. Are you asking how to tell how many licenses you need for Track-It! or how to measure the number of licenses used by other applications?


            If you are trying to track licenses for software used at your organization, you can use the Software Licenseing module in Track-It! along with the Track-It! Inventory and Audit to detect software and track how many licenses you own/use.

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            • 3. License Usage Metering
              Bruno Domingues



              Thanks for the answer... I 'm talking about Track-It! (TI) licenses... techician licenses to be exact...


              The only way is to use the TI inventory modukle?


              But how can i see if a technician uses the web interface? With the inventory module i can only count the persons who have the TI techcnician client installed, but i cannot count how many time he/she logins... and how many licenses will i need... because i'll need more licenses than i already have...


              Any more ideas?


              Thanks in advance.


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                Cris Coffey

                For Technicians, it depends on whether you want to use Named licenses or Concurrent licenses. Named licenses are less expensive than concurrent and require one per technician so if you have 10 technicians, you just buy 10 named licenses.


                Concurrent user licenses are little bit more expensive but allow multiple users to use them, as long as you don't exceed the number logged in. This can be a bit trickier to calculate because there is no way to know how often they log in.


                Usually, customers will purchase a named license for the people they know are going to use Track-It! daily, then a couple concurrent user licenses for all the other people who need occaisional use.

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                  Bruno Domingues



                  So I ask if Track-It! will have something like the metric reports in Footprints that count the average of loggedin persons? It would be very good!




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                    Cris Coffey

                    Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider it for a future release.

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                      Bruno Domingues

                      Does anyone has any ideas on this?


                      A costumer needs to know how many licenses they need... but even they don't know how many... could be 40 ou 80, they know that need more than 20...


                      How can i help him o adjust their licenses?




                      • 8. License Usage Metering
                        Chris McLane

                        Maybe they could start with a number of licenses they believe will be sufficient and then run the "Current Logged in Technicians" report in the Reports module at various times throughout the day for several days to try and get a feel for how many actually run Track-It! at various times. The report won't give averages and won't differentiate between named or concurrent licenses but it will show how many technicians are logged into the system at the time the report is run, which may help to give an idea if several readings are taken. If they notice that the number of technicians is always near capacity they could consider adding more.


                        Not a perfect solution, but just a suggestion that may help.

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