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    Can not open the created CI menu item in asset management

      hello everyone, I want to customize the CI category in  asset create ci3.jpgthe "create" menu as below:

      create ci0.jpg

      I follow the below step to create:

      1. go to BMC atrium core console, add a new class name "TEST" under access point as below:

      create ci3.jpg

      2. open the form schema names via user tools ,change show in menu to Yes

      create ci5.jpg

      3.then I can see a TEST class in the create menu

      create ci1.jpg

      4.when I click Test,it will prompt the error window message

      create ci2.jpg

      5. I can not find this AST:TEST form, I do not where and how to create, per my understanding ,this form will be created atuomatically in the class creation progress.I searh in user tools, just can see one related TEST form as below :

      create ci4.jpg


      actually ,I am not quite clear if I made the right step of creating this CI menu, can some one give an advice? thanks in advacne.