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    HPD Audit Log vs Incident Assignment Log vs historical Assigned Support Group

    Karl Halleni

      ITSM 7.6 no patch (the functionality described here I believe is the same at in ITSM 7.6.04 SP2)


      Am in need to report on re-assignments from a specific support group to other support groups. I was sure this info was recorded in the form "HPD:Help Desk Assignment Log" (alias Incident Assignment Log), but from what I can see in that form it is not recorded to which support group the assignment is made. The only location I'm able to find to which support group a previous assignment was made is in the form "HPD:HelpDesk_AuditLogSystem" (alias HelpDesk System Audit Log)


      Info needed is: From and to which support group the assgnment went, when the assignment occurred.

      It seem I can only find this info by combining the two forms "HPD:Help Desk Assignment Log" and "HPD:HelpDesk_AuditLogSystem", since the correct time is not available in "HPD:Help Desk Assignment Log". More difficult using "HPD:Help Desk Assignment Log" also when the same support group is assigned the ticket multiple times, it seem the same entry is used every time...


      Any thoughts/ideas here is most welcome.


      Many thanks in advance!


      Karl =)