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  • 15. RE: MCELL service hangs after restarting
    Marcelo Goulart

    The issue happened again. Cells are running the 7.00.24 version. When the secondary freeze, the last line into log file is something as "20120702 232101.932000 mcell: EVTPROC: BMC-IMC090121V: Handling XACT command PDEL 206"

  • 16. Re: MCELL service hangs after restarting
    Ravinder Kumar

    Cell version in our environment is 9.0.00 and we are also facing the same issue.


    There are multiple cells in our environment and issue was resolved for few cells after manual sync and replicating KB from primary to secondary.


    Also, in one of the cells the user had no write permissions on var folder. Issue was resolved after giving sufficient rights.


    But still we are facing the issue in few cells and it is recurring.

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