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    Crystal report type in ITSM reports not working

      I have the ITSM 7.6.03 suite installed on my AR server, mid-tier 7.6.03 on another server, and Dashboards/Analytics 7.6.03, BOXI 3.1 SP2 installed on a third sever, with our DB on a fourth server. When anyone attempts to run reports in ITSM (the ones out of the box) that have a report type of Crystal, we get an error as follows:


      Secure Connection Failed

      An error occurred during a connection to bmctools.mssg.disa.mil:80.

      SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.

      (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)

      *   The page you are trying to view can not be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.

      *   Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem. Alternatively, use the command found in the help menu to report this broken site.


      I have installed the mid-tier Crystal Web Application on my Dashboards/Analytics/BOXI server in hopes of correcting this problem, but it made no difference.


      Anyone know what I'm missing? Do I need an additional license or copy of BOXI just to view the out-of-the-box "Crystal" reports in ITSM? If so, does anyone but me find that abosolutely rediculous????


      Thanks for any help you can offer --- Debra