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    ISM not working?

    N R



      I have configured the LoggingService, ISM details on repeaters and set to update every hour but nothing is going into ISM so far.


      This is the only error I can see in the logs:


      [27/Jun/2012:14:23:55 +0100] - critical admin 52008 Stats report was not sent successfully: Couldn't get formula



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          Adil Rathore

          Did you check the ISM settings on the clients? Is the Logging URL SNMP server and SNMP client server ports configured correctly in the Repeater ISM settings (you can check the same by doing a tuner admin to the repeater)?


          What is the version of Tuner, Transmitter and ISM?

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            N R



            I have now fixed this, I accidently set the endpoint ISM settings for the ISM url and not LoggingService.



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              Adil Rathore

              Yes... It is very difficult to figure out ISM issues. I have done RnD on it for 5-6 months and then I was able to understand the concepts and the required configurations.

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                N R

                Indeed, I don't understand why SNMP is mentioned everywhere when it sends the requests to the LoggingService?


                I don't believe there is a BMC SNMP service anywhere? Not that I have seen anyway! Perhaps I miss understood something.


                Anyway, it seems to be working!

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                  Adil Rathore

                  The SNMP service exists within tuner core and the SNMP server would be your master transmitter.