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    Shebang line fails NSH script of type 2

      Hi All,


      I noticed that including the shebang line in NSH script of type 2 causes it to fail.


      I am using Blade Logic installed on Windows to copy files between two servers.


      The script is a one liner:


      cp -Prvf "//Server1/D/source/" "//Server2/D/target/"


      When I include the header:



      The script fails with the error:

      Error 20:00:40 18/06/2012

      C:/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.1/NSH/tmp/application_server/scripts/job__53b871b5-17bf-4051-8dbd-01ac7fd65b72/script_DBKey-SJobKeyImpl-3051-1__0cc34789-27b7-43d1-9540-2f55970d0e7f.971.1_template.nsh:

      can't open input file: C:/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.1/NSH/tmp/application_server/scripts/job__53b871b5-17bf-4051-8dbd-01ac7fd65b72/script_DBKey-SJobKeyImpl-3051-1__0cc34789-27b7-43d1-9540-2f55970d0e7f.971.1_template.nsh


      Without the shebang line, the script runs without a problem.


      I'm intrigued by this weird behaviour, what do you think?