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    Assistance on PCM install and server

      Hello Community - we are new to the BMC Performance Mangement Suite (8.6) and trying to scope out how we will utilize PCM.


      We have PCM installed on the Proactivenet server.  I am looking for documentation on how to install PCM not under the BPPM install process.  Does any exist?  I believe this can be done but I can not find any documentation to this.  Any assistance would be appreciated.


      We have a number of groups and we see PCM as a limiting factor to getting the monitor rules setup.  So we are looking at the below model.  Any input on if this can be done and any insight on if this is a good model or not.


      We have 4000 servers to put into PBBM and I know I have to expand horazonally to support this number.  Looking at keeping the PCM and Patrol Central console under 1000 servers per implementation.


           We want to setup a server with PCM, Patrol Console Server, and the Patrol Console Server RTServer on one server to support the functions for managing rules.  We would then use this model to support each KM team for specific functions.


           - One implementation would be for window servers for the OS KM and addons for datacenter1

           - One implementation would for UNIX server for the OS KM and addons for datacenter1

           - One implementation would be for the database KM servers and allow the DBAs some control to work on their rules.

           - Would setup the same for DataCenter2.