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    Error 1001 due to slot value

      I am working on BEM v7.4.00 and the events are coming from BMC portal. The slot patrolGroupNames is a list of the groupnames that the element is in e.g ['Group1', 'Level 2']. I am trying to use Dynamic Enrichment table to filter on the patrolGroupNames. In the DDEN_MATCH_TABLE, the entry is a string e.g. *<Group1>* but this will not match a list and that is why I think I'm getting the Error 1001's - The full message is:

      Error 1001 occured during processing of event  3179853: Evaluation of function get_list_slotvalues([0xae474d0],[patrolGroupNames,patrolElementName,mc_object,mc_parameter]) failed

      Is there a workaround for this?