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    ProactiveNet TM ART Adapter problems (Custom Timers)

      Hello, i have 2 VMs, first: TM ART 3.9 + Silktest., second: ProactiveNet 8.6.02

      In first host are executing SilkTest Transaction every 7 minutes, where scenario is:

      1. Appstate tests

      2. Tescase start

      3. Transaction scenario part 1

      4. Create Custom Timer

      5. Start Custom Timer

      6. Transaction scenario part 2

      7. Stop Custom Timer



      In second host ProactiveNet are polling TM ART through TM ART adapter every 15 minutes.


      If SilkTest scenario executing status is OK - i see Custom Timer metrics in BPPM, but if only once SilkTest transaction will failed (for example: hangs test application on step: "Transaction scenarion part1"), then after next TM ART adapter polling, Custom Timer will be deleted from BPPM.


      How i can fix that problem?

      Maybe there is a method to remove the adapter rule "to remove custom Timer with metrics in the BPPM, if the next poll it is missing"