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      I've installed a new Control-M 7.0 on IBM AIX cluster and I should to migrate the DB of the old installation of Control-M the same version (7.0)

      I'd like to know if I can do export/import with Oracle instruments or if I should use the migration toolkit?

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          Hi Alberto,


          1)What exactly your scenario needs I am not clear so here is something about MIGRATION:

          Control-M/EM Migration: Migrates data from a Control-M/EM database to a new

          version of Control-M/EM, which enables you to continue working in the new

          version of Control-M/EM


          Control-M/Server Migration: Migrates data, such as job definitions, configurations,

          and the active job environment. To minimize Control-M/Server down time, you

          can export historical and definition (job and configuration) data without exporting

          or importing the active job environment as well as limit the number of historical

          data days to export (CMR_IOALOG and CMR_JOBINF)

          There are further steps to migrate if you want to.



          1)For export/import with Oracle:

          run expdp command


          expdp -help

          and go for the switches according to your requirement.

          you will have to export the "emuser schema".

          to import the data run impdp command with required switches.

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            Thanks for your reply.


            My scenario is

            I have a Control-M 7, but is not in the cluster.

            I installed on a AIX cluster another Control-M 7.

            Since they are the same version, I thought to make only export and import of Oracle without using the migration toolkit.

            Is it right?

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              Hi Alberto,


              There are issues with a export/import as even though they are at the same version there are differences that are in the data.  If you export/import the data it could cause an instable envirnment.  For CTM/Server you might want to use the CTM Mirroring to migrate the data for CTM/EM you could use the util command to export the data however there are system and some other data types that will have the existing hostnames in them that you would not want to import into the new envirnment.

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                Hi John,

                sorry, but I don't understand very well what are you saying...this is the first time that I do the migration.

                Can explain me better the correct procedure?

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                  Hi Alberto,


                  If you look at the system parameters for CTM/EM you will find the hostname in some of them.  Any place in the data that the hostname is placed it will need to be updated properly after your import is completed. With the util command on the CTM/EM you can export some data but not all so your not changing the system paramters, etc. when you import it onto the new host.




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                    Hi Alberto,


                    For contol-m/em you can avail the oracle facility.

                    With the help of wich u can get the em data on another control-m/em.


                    For control-m/server you can use mirroring.

                    type on command promt : ctm_menu->select 3rd option (for Database Mirroring)->Initialize mirroring


                    It may differ in option number because i used control-m 6.4 but procedure is quite same.

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                      Thank you John and Sheetal