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    Installation Error 255

      hello marimba experts


      i have a strange problem with with an installation.

      The package we have created copies all the data to a local temporar directory.

      then the installation will need to start.

      The path of the installation is correct but the error 255 appears.

      When the installation command get started manually then it works properly.


      The application is Siemens Teamcenter 9.1 which has a installation batch called tem.bat and with -s install.xml the installation will install silently. just not within the channel.

      It alsways brings me the error 255. I really chakced if the path to the installation batch is correct and it is correct.


      Can someone help me out here?

        • 1. Installation Error 255

          Typically this is a result in the differences of the security/profile context that is executing the install. The differences can be in permissions, environment variables, etc.


          What I would do is modify your tem.bat file so

          1) echo is on

          2) execute the set cmd in the second line


          update your package with this new tem.bat file and re-test.


          Now you should see all of the output etc in the channel's log file.

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            Just to quickly test if the package runs fine in system context, try running the batch file as a scheduled task through SYSTEM account and confirm if you face the same issue

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              thanks for your answers


              The test about if it is running under the SYSTEM account failed.

              Siemens which is the producer if that application, tells us that they will try to make it ready in a previous version.

              This will not help us for the actual problem.


              can someone tell me how to install with marimba an application we a specific admin account?




              • 4. Installation Error 255

                You have got two options in marimba. One to run the setup/script in SYSTEM account or in LOGGED ON USER account.


                If you have a specific admin account on all workstations that you want to use for software installations, then you need to customize the BBCA Tuner on the workstations.

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                • 5. Installation Error 255

                  I see, so there is no standard feature to change to a local admin.

                  So what do you mean with customize the tuner? Can this bé done by tuner properties or how can we install an application with for example the local administrator account?

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                    We have two choices here.  Promote the logged on user as LOCAL ADMIN. In that case we don't need to do any tuner customization.  Other option would be to run the tuner service itself with the local admin account credentials. This would be a complex customization though, and not recommended as well.

                    • 7. Installation Error 255

                      there is a tool called runasSpc which allows to run a programm with a differnt user. this works fine as long it will not be started with the SYSTEM ACCOUNT.

                      so is there a way how to make a channel which makes a login with a specific user so that we can run that tool runasSpc.


                      any idea?

                      • 8. Installation Error 255

                        In that case you can build a file/custom package for the .exe/.msi and define that the setup needs to be copied to a temporary folder.


                        Afterwards you can create a post script which triggers runasspc for the setup files after it is copied to the workstation.


                        You also need to specify that the script runs under logged in user credentials as you already said that the given command/application cannot be started with SYSTEM ACCOUNT.    

                        • 9. Installation Error 255

                          yes, but the problem i see is.

                          this application will have to be installed when no user logged in becuase this clients will be installed in our deployment room. so i'm looking for a skript which i can place in a channel which makes a logon with for example localhost\administrator.


                          i found a tool whoch can do taht but only on machines where someone else is logged in but in my case there is nobody logged in.


                          it's interessting to hear form collegues which are working with altiris or SystemCenter they can run setups under a specific user :-(.


                          any idea?

                          • 10. Installation Error 255

                            That is also quite easy. You can create a scheduled task through a custom package to run the setup with a different account when no user is logged in and set a recursive schedule to the task (just to leverage a functionality that does not exist as of now, as per my knowledge).

                            • 11. Installation Error 255

                              nice idea.

                              i was looking for a way how to create such a task with a commadline but i couldn't find a solution, also cpau.exe is a tool which sounds nice but i will not run under SYSTEM Account.

                              do you mean create a service in the custom package?

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                                is this a .exe install? msi? or exe wrapping a msi?


                                There are a couple areas in the documentation to highlight: Application Packager page 155 - Working with packages that contain user-specific files

                                and registry entries



                                I am curious as to what's in the package that is preventing it from installing properly. Is it a 64bit OS? wondering if using the snap shot feature will help determine what's the specific hang up. At least you'd get to see where everything is being placed.

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                                  I mean that you need to create a scheduled task through a script. You can check the syntax for creating a scheduled task, by running the below command on command prompt:


                                  schtasks /create /?


                                  Use the arguments as per your requirement.


                                  Also, if you want to debug the the package installation, above is a nice suggestion by Jake.