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        I goes with yours advice, and I made some successes , that was that what I needed !!:)

        Oleg yours ideas as the same good as Jon, thatks for that


        But now , a need something new for yours solution Jon.

        I stated using and found some "problems" to solwe ;p


        I want to rewording all event for specified FS...example below:




        etc > 250 filesystem and applications


        And, what I want to do, is write OneRule, for both FS, but using RegEx if possible, ....so:


        "/EventRules/STD/11/FILESYSTEM/*/logarch" = { REPLACE = "SUBSITUTE=test1"},

        "/EventRules/STD/11/FILESYSTEM/*./logarch" = { REPLACE = "SUBSITUTE=test2"},

        "/EventRules/STD/11/FILESYSTEM/*-logarch" = { REPLACE = "SUBSITUTE=test3"},

        "/EventRules/STD/11/FILESYSTEM/.*-logarch" = { REPLACE = "SUBSITUTE=test4"}


        but it's not working for any one of "tests" :/, ...any idea how to setup it dinamicaly?


        Secound thing

        I defined a variable using pconfig(), called "/SysInfo" and fullfiled it with "UNIX/AIX..." string, and now I want to use it in my rewording string. I read a document, that its posible, but I don't know how. From document ("PATROL_AGENT_380001_Usage") I used two variables without success:





        Maybe you have any idea how to put other PA configuration values to the rewording string?

        I tested both metods for existing originally PAConfig values, but still have no results.


        And the last one

        Is possible to use a PSL to grab information from extended files and put it to message before send?....I'm asking, becouse we hold information about filesystem in specified files > .fsinfo <, where are all information about FS, about it's owner, application, sla, etc, ....it will be nice, to grab that information automaticly by PSL (or other method)  and put it to message by rewording






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          Jonathan Coop

          Sorry don't think you can do wild cards, but you can set for all instances:


          by instead of using .* put


          __ ANYINSTANCE__


          it's documented, it also says you can use * for the object path (but I don't think thats correct).


          Using the method I quoted, you cannot call external PSL, you can substitute in values using macros, alternatively you could supress the current events put in a recovery action make full use of PSL and read from file, though I'd use pconfig variables, much easier to manage.



          • 17. Patrol KM: Catch event before send to PEM?



            Thanks for that , I wrote simple KM to do my work with setting EventRules for FS  and rewording all other

            events messages from others "application" such as CPU / MEMORY / DISKS...etc ,


            Thanks a lot to you all for good ideas and examples !:)

            Problem solved

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