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People Reconciliation

Veniamin Ilmer

Hello everyone,


I'm doing integrations and need to create a person, physical location, and a "Used By" relation between the two.

I am pushing to the CTM:People form, a AST:PhysicalLocation form, and the AST:AssetPeople from a staging form via filters.


Pushing to the CTM:People form and the AST:PhysicalLocation form goes successfully.

When pushing to the AST:AssetPeople form right after pushing to the above two forms, I get an error that the user has not yet been reconciled and so I cannot create the relationship yet. Note that this problem only occurs with a "Used By" relationship. If it's a "Supported By" relationship, no error occurs.


After some tries, I found out this error occurs only if I push to the AST:AssetPeople form immediately after creating the person. If I waited about 5 or so seconds after creating the person, I no longer got this error.


In order to get around this reconciliation issue, instead of pushing to AST:AssetPeople with a filter, I just set a flag. I then created an escalation that ran every minute, and tried to push to AST:AssetPeople for all records that had a flag set. On a successful write, it would remove the flag.


This stratagy seemed to run on manual test runs.


I then did a data import on this staging form.

It worked for the first 1,500 or so entries. Then suddenly I had more and more entries who's flags were set and never removed.

I assumed that the reconciliation process is backlogged, so I stopped the data import and waited. The flags we stuck. I further found that my escalation kept taking up more and more CPU rerunning on those flagged entries not being able to successfully push to AST:AssetPeople.


I tried going to the Atrium Console and looking up the reconciliation jobs there. I couldn't find anything having to do with People there. I reran the stopped jobs, but that didn't change the stuck flags.

I tried going to CTM:PeopleSyncConsole and resyncing people.. but that didn't affect the stuck flags either.


Anybody ever have a similar problem?


Thank you,