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    Cisco memory problem

      I have several Cisco VG224s and Cisco 1900, 2900, and 3900 routers on my network.  When I run a file system report, Blade is giving me the wrong answer.  It is telling me that my device only has Xmb of dram, when in fact it has Ymb.  Does anyone have a solution?  Blade is using the show memory statistics to gather this information...and I am using show version.  I am wondering if you can setup a custom action or modify the action blade is using to take the output in the show version and perform a sum equation on it to provide the total dram installed.  here is a sample of what i am talking about


      Blade Report:  CISCO2921/K9      nvram 262,136     148,237     113,899


      Show Version:  Cisco CISCO2921/K9 (revision 1.0) with 466944K/57344Kbytes of memory.


      Kevin Knight

      Network Engineer

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          Are you using any custom action..? If "Yes", which custom action you are using..?

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            No...I am just running a device inventory report and including the file system.

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              Hello Kevin,


              You can create one custom action for show version command, take the help of BNA Developrs guide for developing new custom action.




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                action and when i try to import the adapter, i am getting the following error...

                                                                                                Error :                                          Can't find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key customAction.get.SystemMemory                                                                       

                                Here is my Adapter...

                <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


                        BBNA Version : b025 u002

                        Exported Date : 05/22/12 16:07:58

                        Enabled : Yes

                        State : Baseline

                        Requires Merge : No

                        Last Modified :

                        Annotation : -->



                        <!-- Get System Memory -->

                        <name key="customAction.get.SystemMemory"/>



                        <groupName key="customAction.groupName.hardware"/>













                    <!-- ================================================================== -->





                            <!-- get system memory -->




                                <command>show ver</command>


                                <error>Invalid input</error>

                                <!-- capture buffer="Cisco\s\d+\s+.+ith\s+(\S+)\s+bytes of memory|(\S+)\s+bytes of\s+.+Flash" ignoreFailure="true"> -->


                                    buffer="Cisco\s\d+\s+.+ith\s+(\S+)\s+bytes of memory|(\S+)\s+bytes of\s+.+Flash" ignoreFailure="true">

                                    <property name="result.pbid">{1}</property>

                                    <property name="result1.pbid">{2}</property>






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                  well...i got the custom action to work...turns out that BNA is telling alot of wrong information when it comes to the ram memory of my cisco devices...at first i thought it was just VGs, then i found it was 1900s, 2900s, and 3900s.  THen i found it was 2800s.  Is there no end to the misinformation?  When doing software upgrades I would have relied heavily on the information BNA provided.  Now i rely on the information from MY custom job.  Millions invested into this product and I have to be the one to fix it.  Not a big BNA fan today.


                  Anyone using this product should compare what BNA tells you and what the device actually tells you.  You might be surprised.



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                    Hey Kevin,


                    As every customer has their own use cases, so its very difficult to manage every use cases in upcoming versions, and tht's why we have some customization to freeze our own requirements...


                    Do open a ticket with support, they will take this is as an RFE and will consider the same in upcoming versions.




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                      I am just running a device inventory report and including file systems under the hardware inventory section.


                      Kevin Knight

                      Network Services


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                        James Smith

                        The issue is the name.




                        Then re-try


                        James Smith "Smitty"

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                        BMC Software, Inc.

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                          Just a FYI....I have opened a support ticket with BMC and they are going to open up a defect for this memory issue.