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    BSA & Cisco UCS Questions



      We have installed BSA 8.1.02 and I have some Cisco UCS related questions:

      • Is the Cisco UCS module/adapter already included in the base installation or do we need to install any additional software to be able to manage the Cisco UCS?
      • Does BSA provide the possibility to trigger the Cisco UCS related commands (likecopying a UCS profile, …) via command line, API or Web Services?
      • I tried to search on the BMC support page for BSA Cisco UCS related documentation, but was not succesfull. Can anyone point me to the corresponding manuals.


      Many thanksin advance!


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          Bill Robinson

          The required modules should be in the product already.  I don’t know if there is separate licensing for it – you should check w/ your account rep to confirm what you have purchased.  If you look in the blcli help that is part of the GUI install, there are a number of namespaces and commands for UCS object manipulation.  Those are available in the blcli and via web services.