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    Macro to close tickets in remedy



      I wish to know if we can create macro to close the incidents in the ITSM. We have to close many tickets on daily basis which is very cumbersome method.



      I got the following steps from the forum.


      I would use the Modify All feature.  Your scenario is exactly why it exists.  It is available on the Windows User Tool or browser.  Search for the records you want to modify.  Select Modify All from the menu bar, select or enter whatever values you want applied to each record and save.  You will be warned with a dialog of how many records you are modifying...which is a good thing, since this is an extremely powerful feature.  I think you could use a macro as well, but it would only work with the User Tool.



      But I am not able to find the windows user tool or browser option. Please advise.

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          Aditya Kovur



          You can set auto closure of Resolved incidents via configuration in ITSM. Follow the path


          Home Page-->Application Administration Console -->Custom Configuration -->Incident Management --> Advanced Options-->Rules.


          You can set up Auto Closure for reolved incidents for a company from here.


          Let us know how it goes.



          Aditya K

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            Anne Brock

            While the configuration steps are the best way to do it, if you do need to resolve or close a set of incidents, you would first search for them; highlight them; go up to your "modify all" option (it may be on the web bar, it may be in the Actions menu - dependent on version you are on and if you are using web or windows); select "modify all" change the fields, save.

            I would not recommend a macro; they do not work on the web.


            Also depending what version you are on, you may be able to do it from your incident console - in 7.6.04, you can hilite multiple resolved incidents and use quick actions to close them.