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    Control-M 7 install timeout

      Hi, I'm trying to install control-m 7 on IBM AIX, but the installation don't start.

      The system is validated by check_req scripts


      === Product Settings : Installation Type ===

      1 : (x) Control-M 7.0.00

                  Use default settings (y/n)? - n

      2 : ( ) Control-M specific component

                  ( ) Control-M/Enterprise Manager 7.0.00

                  ( ) Control-M/Server 7.0.00

                  ( ) Control-M/Agent 7.0.00

      == <C> Cancel <P> Previous Panel <N>/<Enter> Next Panel ==

      Enter command or item number you wish to change: N
      wait for clients to connect timeout
      Installation has failed!

      For more details refer to :


      what can I do?

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          In order to know the exact problem you need to check the logs.

          Can you please attach logs ?


          (there may be more then one, please attach all)





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            Thank you Yosi, in attach there is the log directory with all log files.

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              Are there any other logs such as :




              In any case your network may be misconfigured.

              Check if the hostname is resolved to the right IP.

              The IP in ifconfig command should be the same as pinging the host (ping pcontm1c),

              both should show (IP and hostname were taken from your log)

              also use: nslookup pcontm1c


              If they are not the same, you should fix it before trying again.

              check /etc/hosts file or the DNS (you should talk to a network administrator or a network expert),




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                The all commands return me the same result ip

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                  If the mentioned logs (BMC_Control-M_EM_*,BMC_Control-M_SERVER*) are not found then you may have a problem with java.


                  the installer executing 2 commands (which start java processes):

                  /home/controlm/Setup_files/components/em/setup.sh -remote_server -host pcontm1c -port 8124

                  /home/controlm/Setup_files/components/ctm/setup.sh -remote_server -host pcontm1c -port 8124


                  and waits for the java processes to connect to it (since they didnt connect - there was a timeout).


                  If the java processes were executed (at least started) - there should be logs.

                  If they didn't start, there will be no log -> and the problem has something to do with java (the installation comes with its own java and the installer started successfully so there should be no problem...)

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                    Sorry Yosi, but I don't know where I can check if the java logs there are

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                      Ther installation (should) created logs in you /home/controlm/BMCINSTALL/log (you attached a few)

                      I assume there are other logs there, that can help analyzing  the problem (BMC_Control-M_EM_*,BMC_Control-M_SERVER*).


                      If they are not there, try:

                      1. run the installation again.

                      2. before it will timeout (you got 100sec) - start :

                      /home/controlm/Setup_files/components/em/setup.sh -remote_server -host pcontm1c -port 8124

                      /home/controlm/Setup_files/components/ctm/setup.sh -remote_server -host pcontm1c -port 8124

                      (if the comamnds will fail -  attach the output,

                      if they will succeed and you will still get a timeout- attach the logs mentioned above)

                      3. you should see the next screen (I think its selecting a DB size) - continue with the installation...