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    Problem with the Auto Assign with MidTier 7.6.04 SP 1 and Websphere

    David Vacas Perucha

      Hi everybody.


      We have an installation of Remedy with ARS 7.6.04 SP1 and the same version of the MidTier deployed on a Websphere The problem is that the Auto Assign button (on the left side of HPD:Help Desk) doesn't work, it just do nothing. Whe we use the button through Remedy User Client ,instead of the web, it works right.


      We have tested with other MidTier (same version) deployed in a Websphere 6 and also doesn't work.


      We have tested with other MidTier (same version) deployed in a Tomcat 6.0 and it works, so we think the problem is in the Websphere.


      In the Websphere log we obtain the following text:


      [28/05/12 10:15:45:766 CEST] 00000023 filter        W com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.filter.WebAppFilterManager getFilterChainContents SRVE0307W: Correlación nula para filtro. Esto puede suceder si intenta especificar una correlación * en una aplicación anterior a la versión 2.5.




      Wcom.ibm.ws.webcontainer.filter.WebAppFilterManager getFilterChainContentsSRVE0307W: null mapping for filter. This may occur if you try to specify a *mapping on a pre-2.5 app.

      We have checked the web-inf.xml contained in the midtier.war file and it seems that is built as a 2.3 app so the problem can be there (as we have also seen that uses * in several filters definitions)


      We have also checked the web-inf.xml file of the midtier 7.6.04 SP3 and it seems to be the same (a 2.3 app)


      Anyone has had the same problem? Any idea of how can we solve it?


      Thank you in advance and regards.