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    Causing the Status field to drive other field changes

    Jim Crosby

      Is there a way in FP 11.0.3 to drive customized/created field behaviors from the Status of an Issue ?  For instance, when the Status is in the Open status, I want the custom In Process field to be in the "Just starting" status.  When the Status field changes to Complete, I may want the Completed custom field to indicate the date and time of the closed status.  Is this possible ?  The custom fields have the links which can accomplish this, but the Status and Priority fields do not allow those same links.


      Thanks !!!!!

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          The first half can be configured using an escalation rule.  Set it as an immediate escalation, then in the Issue Criteria tab, select "Open" from the Statuses section.  Under the Actions tab, below the Workspace/Address Book Fields section, check the "Edit Workspace or Address Book Fields" box.  Then click the Configure Field Edits button and set the Process field to "Just starting."  Save it and that should take care of that part of it.


          But I'm not sure what to do with the date/time stamp you're looking for and maybe someone else knows.  I was hoping that if the Completed custom field were a Date/Time field, you could use the same process as above except using the Complete status and it would allow you to to check the "Current Date/Time" box (like it shows when you open a new issue).  But I tested it and that box doesn't show and only allows you to pick a specific date/time, so I'm not sure how to accomplish that.  Hopefully this helps a bit.  Thanks!

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            Aaron Carey

            To get the time stamp you will have to use JavaScript to place it in a field when the STATUS is changed.