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    Duplicate Category names

      I have got a requirement where I have to create some categories in RemedyForce.


      Most of them have same names but different parent categories. But categories can't have same names as it doesn't allow duplicates becoz of the validation rule on "Category" object to allow only unique category id's.


      I worked on by pre-appending the abbrevation of parent category to the child category, and it works fine. But the client is not satisfied with this workaround.

      Rather, he want to have the same name.


      Is there any alternative other than this?


      I came to know there is an enhancement regarding "Categories" in the upcoming Spring Release that allows us to have duplicate category name provided they have different parent category.

      And when we create an incident the entire category information will be maintained in the incident so that it wil be helpful when creating some workflows based on Category-Queue mapping.


      It would be a great help if someone can help me on this issue.


      Thanks in advance.