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    Installing CLM on top of an existing ITSM Server Group



      I'm installing CLM 2.1 SP2 on top of an ITSM server group (servers are named RAIITSM1 and RAIITSM2) .

      As first step, I used CLM installer option "Integrate with an Existing Deployement".

      It successfully integrated RAIITSM1 and installed Cloud Database and DSO.

      Now, the CLM installation is at the step of installing Atrium Web Registry.


      My question is:


      When it will integrate the second ITSM server declared in the server group (RAIITSM2) ?

      Have I to implement some work-around in order to integrate it ?

      I search about server group items in the "CLM installation guide" but I didn't find nothing of applicable.


      In attach you find the screenshot of installer GUI.


      Thanks in advance

      G. Proietti