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    Esclation priority

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      We are using a bespoke application written on AR System platform.  This application has two major components (ITSM and Event management). These applications were built for many years by many developers. There is no documentation involved with the design.


      In Event Management,  we are facing one development issue pertaining to esclations.  Any event forwarded to remedy is first put on stagging form. Four escalation running at every one minutes picks up and promotes the record to Event Dashboard.


      In one of the business case,  up alert are getting processed prior to down alert.  This is not correct.  But where i am facing the challenge is how i can provide a priority to escalation where it always process down alert first and not the up alert.


      Please share some tips if you have.




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          Aditya Kovur

          Hi Emran,


          Please change the Sort Order on your staging form in such a way that the down alert appears on top of the up alert when you search on your staging form.


          This would mean that the escalation will process the down alert first and the the up alert.


          The sort order for the staging form can be changed via


          Form Properties--> Sort.


          Let us know how it goes.



          Aditya K

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