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    Wrapped Report Problem



      Has anyone run into an issue with wrapped reports not wrapping when including descriptions?  I've set mine to wrap the description field every 85 characters, and it works fine most of the time.  But I've noticed that when text from an e-mail is copied and pasted into the description field, it will not wrap the text and just spills off of the page.  See the attached PDF for an example.


      I haven't been able to find any information about this anywhere, so I'm hoping I'm not the first to encounter this.  I appreciate any help!




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          This may not help you resolve the issue (I'd recommend opening a support request with BMC). However, I'd be curious if the copied content is being coppied over as HTML content (HTML or rich text) or as plain text.


          I'd be willing to bet, without testing, that the content is being copied as html content. HTML content can have a mind of it's own and may overwrite the simple HTML editor in FootPrints.


          Just a thought.


          -Kelson O'Neil

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