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      • 1. Track-it! for a Maintenance Department..
        Cris Coffey

        I do not have a specific customer on the top of my head but I do know of some customers who use it for their Help Desk and for Facilities Maintenance, some who own two copies of Track-It! that they use for each and some that use it just for Facilities Maintenance so you should get some responses on that here. Did you have questions about how they are using it? We might be able to offer some suggestions.

        • 2. Track-it! for a Maintenance Department..
          Derek NameToUpdate

          Hello Chris,


          I do have a couple questions.


          1. currently our Maintenance Department has an application in place that I can export the data to CSV format. According to  Track-It! support there is no way to import the data into Track-it!


          2.  I would like to know  if anyone is using Preventive Maintenance schedules and automatic work order creation.


          And just in general how customers are using this for there Maintance Department.

          • 3. Track-it! for a Maintenance Department..
            Cris Coffey

            It is true about the import. We dont recommend importing old data. It never maps exactly right to Track-It! fields and ends up being junk data and there just for reference.


            We do have customers using the Scheduled Work Order feature to schedule the creation of work orders for preventative maintenance. This will result in emails being generated to the assigned person as well.


            I have also seen customers share the same installation between IT and their facilities group and make a top level Type called Facilities and then create Subtypes and Categories underneath that to cover all their Facilities tasks. Hopefully some other users who use it for Facilities will jump in here with their suggestions also.

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              Derek NameToUpdate

              In regards to them using our install how would we keep our inventory  separate?

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                Cris Coffey

                You should be able to set up your security policies so that you only see Assets from certain departments. If you put all the facilities items in a department and exclude that department from your technicians security settings, then they will not see items from that department.

                • 6. Track-it! for a Maintenance Department..
                  Derek NameToUpdate

                  Proffesional services said they would be able to import the data.


                  Can any users chime in on how they use track-it for there Maintainence Department?

                  • 7. Track-it! for a Maintenance Department..
                    Adam NameToUpdate

                    Cris had summed it up rightly.


                    We do have a customer who uses Track-it for the Admin/facilities dept.


                    It was setup through Type<subtype< category so that end users would also be able to create tickets for them via web.

                    We then created a Technician Group called Admin Dept. and used one of the custom fields, renaming it to Admin Technician and then assigned the actual technician working on it.

                    Had to use this method to save on Technician licenses .


                    But just so I understand you correctly, when you say Maintenance Dept, I am assuming you are talking about Bldg. Maintenance, correct me if I am wrong. It's your question related to assets that's kinda making me doubt it.