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JOb execution time problems

elvin NameToUpdate



Im having problems execution jobs in my new CTM installation. When i run jobs in my new CTM installation they are taking 8 min to finish, but running the same command manually(executing directly in the Command Prompt) takes only 20 seconds, so there is a big difference. I have an old CTM installation for testing purpose and from that server the jobs execute normally. This are the parameters related to the communication with agents in my CTM environment:



My new CTM server is not behind any firewall or something like that, so i don't know what could be happening.

  • 1. JOb execution time problems
    Zach Warren

    Make sure the "Communication Protocol version" within Control-M Server matches what the Agent is.  For example, I have Control-M/Server version 7 with 6.4 Agents >>> Communication Protocol should be 8

  • 2. JOb execution time problems
    elvin NameToUpdate

    Hi Zach


    I solved this problem days ago. The thing was that i had not set the IP TO HOST NAME in the agent platform. The agent had the Authorized CTM Server parameter set with my new CTM Server, but as the agent wasn't able to communicate with the CTM server through the name, the issue the arise.


    Thanks for the interest in helping me.