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    ADDM split query result

    Marco Garruto


      when I create a query in Generic Search Query, I can select tables and they relation with other table, but result column to join table is grouped.

      For example if I extract Host and their IP with


      SEARCH Host

      WHERE name has subword 'XXXXX'


      name AS HOSTNAME,

      host_type AS HOST_TYPE,

      local_fqdn AS LOCAL_FQDN,

      serial AS SERIAL_NUMBER,

      ram AS RAM,

      #DeviceWithInterface:DeviceInterface:InterfaceOfDevice:NetworkInterface.ip_addr AS IP_ADDRESS,))


      in column IP_ADDRESS I've a list of IP comma separated....


      AA | BB | CC | DD |,,



      Can I create a query that show me a record for any IP??


      AA | BB | CC | DD |

      AA | BB | CC | DD |

      AA | BB | CC | DD |