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Auto populate contact information in FootPrints

Gordi NameToUpdate



I was just wondering if there is a way to populate the Contact Information to default to the user that is currently logged into the system?
FootPrints 10.0.2 (SQL Server,Windows)


Currently, the way it is working is an agent selects "New Change Request" and then has to fill in their name by choosing "Select Contact" and after they have found their user ID it is populated in the record with the the information.


For incidents it should remain open since the Service Desk will fill in the contact information of the caller, but the way our process is setup, majority of Change and Problem records are opened by the users themselves, thus adding an extra step every time they have to fill in a record.

We are using LDAP connection so can the system be configured to use the ID of the person logged in to auto-populate this contact information?