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Weblogic Domain Creation

Siddu Angadi



Is it possible to create the New Domain in Weblogic Server by using ARA component template alone? I do not want to use any thridparty Scripting.


I have Installed Weblogic ARA component on BBSA 8.2 Version.




  • 1. Weblogic Domain Creation
    Fred Breton

    No it's not possible as ARA manage Weblogic by connecting on the domain manager. To create a domain, you can use external command in BL Package to run wlst script with parameterization. Example:

    echo readTemplate("??_WLS_install_Dir??/common/templates/domains/wls.jar") >??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo cd('Servers/AdminServer') >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo set('ListenAddress','') >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo set('ListenPort', 7001) >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo create('AdminServer','SSL') >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo cd('SSL/AdminServer') >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo set('Enabled', 'True') >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo set('ListenPort', 7002) >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo cd('/') >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo cd('Security/base_domain/User/weblogic') >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo cmo.setPassword('??_WLSPassword??') >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo setOption('OverwriteDomain', 'true') >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo writeDomain('??_BEAHOME??/user_projects/domains/??_DomainName??') >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo closeTemplate() >>??_NewDomainScritp??
    echo exit() >>??_NewDomainScritp??

    ??_WLS_install_DirWin??\wlserver_10.3\common\bin\wlst.cmd ??_NewDomainScritp??