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Searchable fields on Incidents

Shiva Nalla

In RemedyForce, What are the fields on Incident object based on which I can search the incidents?


I am able to search them based on "description" and "incident number" as of now.


How can we make other fields searchable fields on Incident form?

For ex: I want to make OpenedDate as a searchable field.. Can we make that..If so,how can we do that?


say suppose, i give 5/28/2012 as the search keyword, i should get all incidents created on that date?

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    Anne Brock

    You can configure the fields to search in the Global Search administration area. Not sure how well date searching works; I haven't had much luck with it, but that could be me.


    But instead of searching, I would probably recommend setting up a report instead, with date options in it, because usually you want to see "all incidents opened between Date A and Date B" or something like that.


    Hope this helps.

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    Shiva Nalla

    Thanks for your reply..


    yeah..I got that .. I knew that it can be done by  a report.. but I am trying to make a field searchable..


    I already tried in Global Search Settings, but there we are specifying just the datasource we should want to search from when we type a search keyword. The fields we specify there are for the display fields to be displayed in the "global search" when some search criteria matches with that datasource. I hope I am right. Pls correct me if I am wrong.


    Can u pls suggest on how to make a field searchable??

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    Anne Brock

    I'm going to move this to the RemedyForce forum and see if we can get more help!

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    Steve Hanson

    Another possibility, rather than a report, is to set up a Quickview with a prompt for date or date range. 

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    Anne Brock

    That worked great! thanks for the idea. I built it with a prompt of "opened date =" and came up with data no problem!


    Shiva, will that achieve your goal?



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    Shiva Nalla

    Thanks for looking into this..


    Yeah, quickview seems to be the best option, reports the other option.


    Other option is I created a field "OpenedDate", a formula field that contains only the date portion of the actual "OpenedDate" datetime field. I added that field to the IncidentList View and I was able to apply GroupBy "Opened Date" for all the incidents.


    I also used the quick view.That solves the purpose.


    But, is there some way that we can make a field searchable on some object?

    Still, the same question!!!