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    Approval Mappings

      Hi All,


      I need to configure the approval for SRM where first level of Approval should be the requesters immediate manager and the next approval should go to Cost Center approval manager. Any help on this





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          Hi Deepti,


          Did you try with following?

          1. You can use Parent Child type of approval for first level of Approval.
          2. For 2nd level of approval you use AdHoc approval mapping


          Let us know if it works....




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            Raju Mangali

            Hi Deepti,


            Please open Application Administrator Console --> Custom Configurations -- Service Request Management -->

            Approvals -- from here you can select Approval Chain


            And you can configure Approvals For Individual or Group or Inherit Group or Role for Service Request and also Servvice Request Definition.




            Raju M.

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              Hi Deepti,


              From the Application Administrator Console->Custom Configuration->SRM->Approval Chain you can configure your custom approval process where you can define the first process for the requesters manager and if he approves then you can move to the next process for the cost center approval manager. After configuring these processes you can map the individuals for the specific SRD's. Approval server will process these mappings according to your custom approval process configurations.






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                Thanks JD for the reply,


                In your scenarion we have to manually add the approver which is not the condition in my case. I have to automate the process

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                  Some points to add here.


                  In Approval chain form i first selected the Process type as Parent-Child which will ensure that requesters immediate approver is the first person to approve the request


                  Next different stages get visible under that process(Approved,Rejected,Cancelled,Error)


                  Now as per the pdf  we can use set field action to specify the action at every stage


                  As far my understanding i need to define the set field action  at the approved stage.Not sure though


                  In selection criteria i defined the categories for which this approval will be applicable

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                    Hi Deepti,


                    You can do one thing, just add manger as approver in SRD itself. and then configure the approval chain. pls chk the screenshot.



                    approval chain.jpg




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                      Done with the issue


                      Thanks all for your reply