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      • 1. Your overall experience with RKM

        Hi John, my experience.


        RKM 7.6.04 uses FTS, which I think is very very slow. till now, we haven't figured out how to configure a redundency method for FTS, according to BMC, there isn't any faster eaiser way, like ARS group, it will switch operations if one server is down.  pretty sure there are some people will say FTS are good, but I just found is really slow in a Large environment with all ITSM modules. our RKM search took 10 -30s. and they way RKM, it pulls all your user permission and company, locale info before does the search, and it heppens on every time when the search is triggered, which is very very slow.


        and also i don't think BMC is using RKM for itself own KB...

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          Thanks Bing.


          Not the best answer I wanted to hear, but it is re-assuring that someone else is experience problems and it is not just us.


          If they don't have a quick resolution for this, then we'll need to consider other options. <sigh>

          • 3. Your overall experience with RKM
            Chris Romero

            We are right in the middle of implementing RKM. We have had to do a pretty good bit of work to make it work for us. Its too bad really because its basic premise is good. It just has a lot of issues.


            • We needed it to be able to handle visibility groups irrespective of unrestricted access, so we had to work around that.
            • We had to put in a custom approver workflow to allow us to do approvals by role by product.
            • The rich text editor is very, very bad. At least that has been our experience.
            • You can get around some of the slowness of FTS by limiting what it is searching for becuase the dialogs for searching default to Advanced search which includes everything (incident, problem, known errors, etc.)
            • You cannot delete knowledge sources. You can add them, just not delete them (BMC did offer us a workaround that we have yet to try.)
            • The search dialog for incident is just broken. We decided to default it to Simple Searches (Not Advanced).


            The one thing we can't get over at the moment is the fact that the rich text editor is just plain poor. It is really the biggest gotcha we have seen so far. ....and if you think about it....it is just about the only thing the users are going to use.....ugh!

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              Hey Cavenger,


              Thanks for the reply. We will likely have a ton of groups, and Visibility could have an impact. Of course, our mantra is that content must be made available to the widest possible audience, and there has to be a specific reason that it has restricted Visibility.


              I am hoping we don't have to go down the path of Custom Approver Workflow, but it is nice to know the path has been forged. Thanks!


              In regards to the Rich Text Editor, I was very excited about that capability a few years ago. However, if you are following a KCS methodology, you'll want to drive consistency when authoring. This helps findability, readability, and quick-flow comprehension. My concern is that the Rich Text Editor may give too much freedom. Though we have a Style Guide, I can see a novice Author straying away from the Style Guide, and create a KB Article with 5 different colors, using 4 different Fonts, and a bunch of Styles. --- not sure if that helps your concerns.


              We are definitely interested in the speed and performance. The KB needs to work at "the speed of me." Again, thanks for forging the way with some of these issues.


              I'm guessing that BMC will pull together a Customer Advisory Board in the next month or so to identify the top issues and seed their future feature set.

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                Our company upgraded from RKM 7.1 to RKM 7.6. We had high hopes that the integration of RKM 7.6 with Incident Management would be a great benefit.

                However, RKM is not fully integrated. To search for, and relate, an RKM to an incident is not as simple as using the Relationship tab and choosing RKM from the drop-down list. That's how you can find and relate other records to Incidents, but not RKMs. Instead you have to go to the Links menu and choose Search Knowledge, then find the applicable RKM, open it and click the Use button. It is not an efficent process and the RKMs do not always relate to the Incidents; there are posts from others also experiencing this problem.

                The RKM search functionality is not good either. The search is slow, especially the intelligent search feature, which tries to guess what you are searching for with every character you type or delete. Our support users hate it.

                The search is also not very intuative and you don't often get the results you are expecting. Further you only get 10 search results viewable and have to click through page after page of results when you get multiple articles returned. In 7.1 you could set the number of articles to view to 25, 50, 100 or all. That worked much better.

                Then there are the editing features. The rich text editing is pretty poor for this day and age.

                Everyone hates the web based design that opens browser window after browser window as you navigate through different records.We get a lot of reported errors about Global Fields exceeding limits and IE windows failing to display article text. Apparently this is related to Java and memory issues in IE, and users often have to close all of their browser windows and clear the browser cache to continue using RKM and Remedy.

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                  young so

                  There is gotta with 7.6.04 with self-help.  Here is discussion about it.



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                    Sandeep Das

                    I've deployed a few customizations which have improved RKM performance on  7.6.04 SP2.


                    1. Disable auto-suggest on Simple Search.

                    2. When searching from Incident, disable auto-search on Incident Summary.

                    3. Do not map the incident specific fields to the Knowledge Search dialog (Like Product/Op Cat/etc)

                    4. On RKM Application Settings, set Search History Level to None.


                    If anyone is interested in the details, let me know.


                    There are however, tons of other issues with this version of RKM but performance is no longer one.

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                      Ash Hall

                      John Coles,


                      I would highly recommend implementing Knowledge 8.1 SP2 if you're looking to upgrade. It has a much more refined RKM including some additional approval options which most organisations consider to be pretty important when implementing a Knowledge solution.


                      What is the reason that you're considering 7.6.04?

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                        Lisa Singh

                        From what I can see BMC use Inquira for KB, Confluence for docs and Jive (obviously) for communities.


                        We have Inquira as well, in some ways it's more annoying that RKM and in others it's quite good. Biggest annoyance of Inquira are it relies on indexing for content to show up, it's "bitsy" - lots of bits to running it, and the bulk of the log files are binary.


                        Personally, I think Confluence is the best of the three...

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                          Heather Leventry

                          If you decide to move forward with 8x, I highly recommend that Administrators take BMC Remedy Knowledge Management 8.x: Administering https://bmc.csod.com/LMS/LoDetails/DetailsLo.aspx?loid=0b755be4-1131-4e07-9cd0-358299fea3f6#t=1  This training class will cover everything admins need to know to maximize the tool.

                          • 11. Re: Your overall experience with RKM

                            Chris Romero Thank you for your feedback.  I speak for the Product Management team when I say we are aware of the issues and are in the processing of fixing most of them. In fact, Smart IT 1.0 was the first step towards this. We can see the search dialog and display of articles has been addressed with Smart IT 1.0. We are looking at introducing a new editor and are also simultaneously working on enhancements for the search engine.

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                              Tom Bithell we hear you and are most definitely working on fixing these issues (its WIP already).

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                                Barb Schaefer

                                Hi Sandeep,

                                If you could share how you accomplished these items, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!

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                                  Sandeep Das

                                  Hi Barb,

                                  These updates apply to RKM 7.6.04 SP2 only. Please test these on a dev environment before deploying to production.

                                  1. Disable the automatic search that happens as soon as the RKM Search Dialog loads.

                                  Create active link overlay - INT:HPDRKM:INC:SearchRKM_100_OpenRKMSearchDialog. Remove the following set field mapping:


                                  z1D_DoSearch = “DoSearch”


                                  2. Disable auto-suggest on the search fields.

                                  Create form overlay RKM:SearchDialog.

                                  Create View Overlay – Default Admin View.

                                  Create field overlay – z1D_AnyOfTheseTerms (on z2PF_SimpleSearchAndResults tab). Set Properties > Attributes > Menu Name as blank (Current value - RKM:SearchTypeAhead).


                                  Create field overlay – z1D_AnyOfTheseTerms2 (on z2PF_AdvancedSearchParams tab). Set Properties

                                  >Attributes > Menu Name as blank (Current value - RKM:SearchTypeAhead). Save form.


                                  3. Disable Search History

                                  Go to Home Page > Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Knowledge Management > Knowledge Management Configuration > Application Configuration. Only one record with Company = “- Global -“exists. Set Search History Level = “None”. Save record.

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