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    Change some configuration passwords through command line?

      I’m trying to change some passwords from the command line. I’ve figured out how to do it for users like “Demo” (In case you’re interested, the command is /opt/bmc/ARSystem/bin/arcache–Ua –e {request_id} –n “{user name}” –p “{new password}”).


      Now I’m trying to change the following passwords:


      AR DSO-User-Password
      ARAdmin DB Password



      These passwords were set during installation, but I have no idea how to change them from the command line after the installation is finished. I’ve noticed that these passwords are encrypted in ar.conf and I figured that if I changed the ARAdmin password through oracle, then I would have to update ar.conf with the newly encrypted password.


      Can someone provide some insight as to how to change these passwords?


      Also, we're using Remedy 7.6.04 SP3.

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          Hi Paul,



          The Application Service Password can be fixed by editing one of the startup scripts. On Windows you can edit the EmailStart.bat file and on Unix you can edit the emaild.sh script. Note: Do not start the script, since it does not execute the EmailStart.bat file.


          In these files append the following statement to the end of the line that starts the Email Daemon:


          -s <ar_system_server_name> -p <application_service_password>


          Execute the script, which will update the system with the correct password by applying the changes to the EmailDaemon.properties file.  Then edit the script again, and remove this addition and restart your system.



          Another way,  you can also remove the Application Service Password, DSO Local Password and Mid-Tier-Service-Password through the User Tool under Server Information --> Connection Setting Tab. 


          In the EmailDaemon.properties file, located in the Email Daemon installation directory, change:








          This removes the password completely and allows the Email Daemon to connect to the AR System Server with no errors.





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            Thanks for the reply. Would you happen to know how to change the other passwords mentioned above without using the remedy user tool? Specifically the ARAdmin DB Password? I know I can change the ARAdmin DB password through oracle, but then my problem would be encrypting that password in ar.conf.