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    Problem with strstr in Midtier

    Martin Sigge



      I have an active link, which rreturns the first line of a text field with substrc($Sourcefield$, 0 , StrStrC($Sourcefield$ , "

      ")  (the link search for the line feed). In the usertool, it worked in the midtier, the StrStrC returns -1 (not found). Maybe,

      the linefeed has a differnet code in the Midtier?


      Hope, someone can help...





        • 1. Problem with strstr in Midtier

          Hi Martin,


          I tried to reproduce the scenario. For me in User Tool it worked fine. But in Mid Tier, in first attempt, it returned me some integer value " 3 ".

          Then I flush the mid tier cache and restarted the tomcat services and tried once again.

          This time it worked as expected.


          I suggest you to try restarting tomcat services and flush mid tier cache once.





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