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    Blackout period for a service model?

    Corby Krick

      We're in the process of building out service models for our environment. We need the ability to put a service model into a blackout period on a scheduled basis.


      Does anyone do anything similar? I've tried to create a blackout selector and policy in the ProactiveNet Admin Console but it isn't blacking out events.

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          Corby Krick

          Just a quick reply to what I ended up doing here. We have a slot in our events that gets populated with which service model the event belongs to. I then built a match table with columns for the service model name, blackout time on, and blackout time off. I then built a refine rule in our SIM cell that looks at the service model name slot in each event, then checks the match table to determine if the event should be blacked out or not (i.e. if it's in a current blackout window). The event is then put in a blackout status if it occurs in a blackout window. I also check to see when the blackout window ends, and set a timer to expire at the end of blackout. When the timer expires, the event status is changed back to open, if the event is not in a closed state.