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    Increasing the Max Field Length


      Using Track 10.5


      I'm in the library tab trying to increase the value of the Assest Number Field.


      I have hit SHIFT + F2 to edit field options. It's by default set to 20. I tried to increase to 30.... but no luck.


      I get 'Failed to Save, Please Correct errors on form'. A red exclamation point next to the field says it cannot exceed 20.


      How can I increase it? Is this by design?



        • 1. Increasing the Max Field Length
          Cris Coffey

          Yes, that is by design. The field length can be used to restrict the field length if you are trying to limit it for some reason but it is a user interface and input constraint and does not affect the physical size of the database field.


          Setting the value higher than the length of the actual database field is not valid since the length cannot be longer than the physical field size in the database.

          • 2. Increasing the Max Field Length

            Well I went to the SQL database and updated ASSETNUM to now be varchar(30) on both the LIBRARY and LIBHIST tables.


            I'm still not able to increase the field size in Track-IT... ideas?





            • 3. Increasing the Max Field Length
              Cris Coffey

              I am sorry but I should have been more clear in my original response. While true you cannot set the max field length longer than the physical field length, you also cannot just change the actual field because the settings in the application are set to a specific length by default and cannot be increased higher than that. In addition, modifying the underlying database field length is not something we would recommend. It has the potential to cause other unintended side effects and errors in the application as well as possibly causing future upgrades to fail.


              The application knows what the original size of the field in the database was and will not allow you to set the value higher than that.

              • 4. Increasing the Max Field Length

                That's weird. Why show the ability to change the field size, if I'm not able to do it? If the default is already the max, that's odd...


                Thanks for the quick response. This would be nice to have a future enhancment as it limits the ability to customize the use.


                I was trying to change the Assest number to be a Reservation field instead as an Assest # for the Library is not used here.


                In additiona, I was to going to add Cell Phones to the Inventory, replacing the Modem Fields with ESN fields but the length isn't long enough.



                • 5. Increasing the Max Field Length
                  Cris Coffey

                  I am sorry for the misunderstanding there. The field is there to allow you to restrict the length to something smaller but I can see how you could think that it could be made longer also.