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    Track-it Remote

    Brad McClave

      I'm trying to test out Track-it Remote but I can't seem to figure it out.  The administrators guide doesn't have anything on it and I followed the instructions for use in the technician's guide but it's not working.  The option to take control is not listed in the tasks pane in the inventory module and the take control option in work orders is greyed out.  Am I missing something?

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          Cris Coffey

          If you own licenses for Track-It! Remote, the Take Control buttons should be avilable as long as you are selecting a Computer that contains a Computer Name and IP info detected from an audit.


          If you are in the Inventory, selecting a computer in the list of assets should enable the take control button in the toolbar.


          In the Help Desk, the Take Control button should be available if the Asset assigned to the work order you are editing is a Computer with name and IP information available.

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            Brad McClave

            That explains it.  I though Remote was included in our licensing when in fact we have none for remote.  Oh well.

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              Chris McLane

              Cris is correct. In Inventory, at the very least you must be selecting an asset with the Computer asset type, or one of its subtypes in order for the Take Control link to become active. And in Help Desk, the work order must have one of those assets selected in it.


              One other thing can be checked though. The security policy that your technician login is associated with must have the "Remote Control" action enabled.


              1. In the Administration Console open your technician's record.

              2. Open the Security tab to see what security policy the technician is associated with.

              3. If "Custom" is selected, under the Modules tab make sure "Remote Control" is enabled under the Inventory grouping.

              4. If a security policy other than "Custom" is selected, close the tech's record and open that security policy in the Security Policies lookup table. Again, make sure "Remote Control" is enabled under the Inventory grouping under the Modules tab.

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                Cris Coffey

                You can check the Licensing tab in Support Center under Tools to verify which licenses you own and the quantity.