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    blcred: Could not find the jvm_path

    Vinnie Lima



      Trying to setup the X.509 certificate trust store for LDAP authentication in BBDSSA 8.2 SP1 and part of the step is to issue a blcred:


      blcred -x ldapTrustStore.pkcs12 cert -add -host ldap1.mycompany.com:389 -protocol ldap


      Problem I am having is that the BLCRED command, found under the <REPORTSDIR>\bin directory is complaining about the following error:


      Could not find the jvm_path


      I found similar thread in the BSA communities forum pointing to a misconfigured C:\Windows\rsc\HOME configuration file.  In the BBDSSA server, there only JDK installed is under <REPORTS>\jdk directory, but manipulating the HOME config file did not yield any different result.


      Does anyone know what configuration the native <REPORTS>\bin\blcred utility leverages for determing JVM location?




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