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Rejection process

Tracy Thurston

Currently, if a change req needs to be rejected based on teh scheduled dates, the only way to do that is to reject and move back to a previos phase.  However in doing that all of the implementation tasks get cancelled.  All we want to do is change the scheduled dates adn resubmit for approval.


Whats the intended process here to change the date and resubmit.  You shouldn't need to recreated all of the tasks.  How is everyone else handling this? If you have a different process aroudn this, can you share?


Thank you

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    Ashwanth Padmanaban

    once rejected is there is any 'Restart' button in the Process Flow Bar?? try that....you dont have to take the change back to the previous stage to trigger for the Approval, once rejected go and update the dates and restart from the Process Flow Bar.

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    Tracy Thurston

    Thanks for the reply.  When it's in the rejected status, the scheduled dates are still greyed out and cannot be changed. 


    The only way to change the dates is to move it back, but again,that that close/cancels all the tasks

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    Ashwanth Padmanaban

    thats a defect...when rejected the dates should be read/write for the one who has write access to the Change Request...basically to the Change Coordinator/Change Manager...

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    Saroj Sahu

    Agree with Ashwanth. This was a defect which should be found fixed in upcoming release.

    below is what a user will need to do just to change the schedule dates.

    1. CR is in SFA status / impl. approval phase

    2. Reject the CR and refresh it.

    3. Alter the dates as desired and save the CR.

    4. restart the CR and it will get back into impl. approval phase.

    5. now approve the CR


    In existing release, give the below a try:

    1. After step2 above, the schd. dated will be readonly. However there is a btn "schd assistance" next to the dates. Click that. It will show up a dialog.

    2. Inside the dialog there will be schd. date fields. If found read/write, alter the dates and OK the dialog

    3. Hope it works. depends on what version you are using. This is just a dirty workaround

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    Smita Ithape

    Hi Saroj,


    May i know the defect and version details for this?Our cistomer is facing thissue for ITSM 7.6.04 sp2


    Pls help



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    Saroj Sahu

    1. heck BMC Remedy Knowledge article KA367347 from below link to get additional information anf fix on the reported behavior of tasks getting cancelled on reject operation.



    2. The abobe BMC KB article should be enough for you. Still the below BMC DN thread also have more info on this:






    let me know if this resolves the issue.

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    Smita Ithape

    Hi Saroj,


    Thank you for the information which you provided..My client has an issue with schedule start,end date only..as it becomes read only after rejecting a change


    I am seeing SW00378399 is related with this but not ITSM 7.6.04 sp2 and defect has Gemini ITSM release.

    can i get any article information for this?





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    Saroj Sahu

    1. The KB article is for the issue "upon rejection all tasks are canceleld". You do not have use the DEF file. The KB also has the code fix mentioned in it. Jts change the RunIf of the filter as mentioned in the KB and this issue is resolved.


    2. For the issue of "schd.dates" getting disabled when the CR is in "rejected" status, I think this was an issue in older versions. If you are on 7603, you may contact BMC Support to get hotfix against defect SW00423098.

       Till you get a hotfix, in case of urgent need, you may use the workaround I mentioned in my 1st response (on 23-May) and use the sche.assistance button if it is enabled.


    Let me know if this helps and resolves your issue.

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    Smita Ithape

    Hi Saroj,


    This issue is reproducible on ITSM 7..6.04 sp2 as well..i have gone throgh the fix workflows but not all the workflows getting call in ITSM 7.6.04 sp2


    Please suggest



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    Saroj Sahu

    In that case, I would suggest you to upgrade to 7604-SP4. I believe the issues under diuscussion are addressed in SP4. Check SP4 release notes for more details.

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    Smita Ithape

    Thanks a lot Saroj!