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Regarding Socks Proxy Usage

piyush pandey


We are in process of designing the Bladelogic Solution for a customer and we came across a VLAN behind firewall. Now Customer instead of opening ports 4750 accross the vlan issuggesting to use SockS Proxy.

Now I just wanted to understand how the patching and Provisioning would work via Socks Proxy. Also are there any known issues while using Sock Proxy. We are planning to use BL 8.1 SP4.

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    Bill Robinson

    All communication is over the agent port and w/ a proxy the communication will go first through the proxy, then to the target system.


    Will you be doing provisioning in the new network?  If so, will it be bare metal?  You will need to let the targets access port 9831 on the appservers but there’s a couple ways to do this.

  • 2. Regarding Socks Proxy Usage
    piyush pandey

    What about known issues and bugs while using Socks Proxy. Does all the functionality of BLpackage Deploy, File Deploy, Compliance, Discovery Audit, Snapshot ,Extended Object etc work flwalessly while using Socks Proxy or there are some limitations to it.


    Customer may want to know the risk if there are any.

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    Bill Robinson

    I believe for nsh jobs and EOs you must setup the appserver to use a nsh proxy so the flow is EO/script -> nsh proxy -> socks proxy -> target.  that’s the only thing you should need to do.