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Data Load Console spreadsheets location

Leica X1



Does anyone know the default path for the data load console spreadsheets - e.g. People.xls, Location.xls, PeopleOrg.xls etc.


Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!

  • 1. Data Load Console spreadsheets location
    Carl Wilson


    these are installed in a directory on the local client once you have installed the "client" portion of the Data Management Tool (latest versions) which comes with the ITSM installation files (sub directory for the Data Management Tool). 


    What version are you refering to as earlier versions of the DMT were based on applying a patch to the system?






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    Leica X1

    Many Thanks for the reply Carl!


    It's SP2 - basically we're using the OnDemand version of the product, and I want to be able to do bulk data imports - we've been doing all foundation data creation / moving manually although BMC did use the data load console to help us out early in the setup process.


    I'm going to have surgery on my right hand in a couple of weeks so I need to be able to automate the process as I won't be able to easily use a mouse for a few weeks. The support team are having a few issues locating these spreadsheets to send me and I just wanted to help them out by providing a location, if that makes any sense.


    I did find some illustrations in the Data Management Admin Guide and may be able to recreate them from the illustrations but as the Data Load Console is notoriously finicky I'm a bit apprehensive about doing it this way, so example copies of the spreadsheets is probably the best way to go.


    Many thanks again.

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    Amey Bagwe

    Hi Lisa,


    Assuming you have a windows environment....You can find the spread sheets on the location...C:\Program Files\BMC Software\DataManagementClient\7.6\Spreadsheets\Foundation

    There are a few sample sheets also in the installation directory...



    for UNIX environments...<installation directory>\BMC Software\DataManagementClient\7.6\Spreadsheets\Foundation