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    SRM Surveys do not CLOSE change request ticket ???

    Andrej Kajzer



      I integrate SRM and CM application.


      When request move to status completed user can apply surveys answers. What happen here is:


      - CM request do not move to status CLOSED as it should be ?!

      - when user submit surveys is log out from environment  ???


      I was thinking that since user have option to REOPEN and CLOSE a request using SRM Surveys that fulfillment application should get appropriate status. It looks like that this is not happening in a right way.


      Thanks for help!

        • 1. SRM Surveys do not CLOSE change request ticket ???



          1) SRM and Change management are already integrated OOTB.You just need to configure AOT ( with change teamplate/without change template), PDT and SRD so that service request creation will result in Change request as fullfillment process defined in PDT.


          2) After change request moves to "Completed" status, the Service Request will move to "Completed" status and user will be able to "Respond" to survey for service request.


          3) The Service Request will move to "Closed" status by escalation which runs on SRM:Request form. The user can open only "Completed" service request and not "Closed" ones.


          Hope this helps.




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            Andrej Kajzer

            This was not the case and I understand all of this.


            Question was why on answering surveys and option to close the service request do not close the fulfillment application with status CLOSED. In my case change request stays in status completed. It does not move to close status.

            Service request move from completed to close in this case - only request is closed but not the fulfillment application.


            Is this as designed or I miss something?



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              a) This is working as designed because change request closure will be governed by escalation running on change form.After changer request is moved to "Completed" status, this OOTB escalation will move change request to "Closed" status.


              b) There are no OOTB workflows on SRM:Request form which makes status of change request to "Closed" from "Completed".




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                Ashwanth Padmanabhan

                Hmmm what i understand here is why closing SR is not closing all the fulfillment application requests? here if we say for example fulfillment app as Change, then completing all the Task would Complete the CR and then that sets the SR Status to Completed.... Here User can verify whether their requested Service is up or not then close it based on Survey.... However if you see through Change Management Process its actually the Task Assignee who is implementing/completing a CR and Coordinator who is the point of contact has to verify/attach docs/take approvals if necessary before closing the CR, its one and only his responsibility to do that. This should not be automated....the same logic goes for Incident Assignee responsibility as well...

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                  Andrej Kajzer

                  What we want to achive is put CM record from completed to closed when user submit survey (SRM) that all what customer was requested is working ok or new functionality from CM is implemented as requested.


                  I do not see reason why application would offer close service request to close if status in CM application is still completed? Maybe there is some technical reson behind which I do not understand but if survey offer a CLOSE or REOPEN I would expect that also fulfillment status is put to appropriate status.


                  As far as I know customer / manager permission could put to close status. So if customer approve functionality and close a request using survery then I would expect that ticket move to close. If not then auto close functionlity will move to close after 10,15,20,...days what ever ITSM configuration is done.


                  What am I missing here?

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                    Ashwanth Padmanabhan

                    you are not missing anything...its as designed and the reason could be End Users have no idea what the fulfillment application is....and in his context this doesn't exist...what he is related to is Service Request... basically the level of Change(Fulfillment) the impact End User has no idea so we can not just set the status of fulfillment application to closed once End User closes the request... as a technical staff its up to the internal Change Coordinator/Incident Assignee to move the status to the Task....in case of Incident Assignee may come to know that this might be a Problem after the incident workaround resolution....in case of Change ...Change Coordinator may wants to observe any impacts are coming up due to the performed Change...


                    this is the reason i see behind this design. thnx.

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